Teaching Method

I apply the Direct Method of teaching, which uses English only in the classroom and focuses on the development of oral expression. Learning a language does not need to be arduous and boring, and that is why I encourage learning while having fun, through role play, exercises and games, reading and discussion on news and topics of interest, as well as using visual and audio media. This method allows learners to begin to think and speak in English, and also familiarise with different English cultures.

If your goal is to prepare for a Cambridge English examination, I offer a specialised course in accordance with the Cambridge English learning approach and using the official preparation materials. We will also work on test examples and discuss the issues of exam response strategies, including exam time management and understanding the question papers.

Whether you are a professional individual, or a company, I offer a first meeting, free of charge, to test your or your employees’ language level, define your specific needs and objectives, and to agree on the most suitable way to realise them.

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