Derek Haines ESL teacher NyonAbout Me

The quirks of life led me to be living in La Côte, but I grew up in Geraldton, a small coastal town in Western Australia barely larger than Nyon. Located 420 km north of Perth. Geraldton is known for the many Dutch shipwrecks that occurred during the seventeenth century, its cathedral, its waters rich in fish and shellfish, and a particularly hot and windy climate. Hence my aversion to sand, heat and lobsters.

My professional career started in lithography and then later, moved into sales management. I established my own import and export business, which had me travelling to Europe, Asia and North America on a regular basis for many years. Following the sale of my company, I continued as the director of my consultancy business.

It was after my accidental arrival in Switzerland that I found a new vocation; teaching English. After studying and attaining my CELTA (Cambridge University Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) I worked for seven years as a language teacher and later, became responsible for the quality of teaching and teacher training in a large language school in Geneva.

Fifteen years ago, however, I decided to return to operating my own business and began teaching business English in and around Nyon. These years have been a most rewarding and enjoyable time for me.

In addition to my teaching activities, I am also an authorpreneur, blogger and consultant in digital self-publishing, online marketing and social media.

Derek Haines – Qualified, Experienced and Flexible.