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Doing Business in English

English has become the lingua franca of Europe.

Whether your enterprise is local, national or international, English is the essential language of business that allows you and your company to communicate effectively with your clients and potential clients, whether they are in Athens, Moscow, London, New York, Madrid, Zurich or here in Nyon and La Côte.

In every domain of business, the need to be able to ensure that key members of your enterprise can communicate effectively in English is crucial for attracting new business, and retaining existing clients.

As much of today’s business is conducted online, being able to respond in English to email and online enquiries is now a requisite.

In addition, online meetings via video conferencing and Skype are becoming an everyday occurrence and, it is important to learn commonly used phrases to develop your online meeting skills.

I offer Business English courses tailored to your specific needs. They will allow you to improve your general English language competencies and, in particular, to acquire the vocabulary, technical terms and idioms related to the world of work and business.

You will practice giving your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing with each other, conducting a negotiation, giving presentations, chairing a meeting, as well as writing professional emails and letters.

How effectively is your company using English@Work?